1.  Background

(a).  Dilemma Sessions 

The aim of the parallel Dilemma Sessions is for delegates to facilitate the development of PhD students and early postdoctoral researchers. Students/postdocs will present their research topic and conclude with a query or dilemma connected with their research; then through high-level, scholarly, but supportive discussion, delegates will help the student/postdoc to think about possible solutions. These sessions should not be used for presenting research results.

(b).  Ground rules for presenters within Dilemma Sessions

  • You have 30 minutes ’on the floor’   
  • You should briefly present your research topic (10 minutes)
  • You should conclude your presentation with a specific query or dilemma
  • The audience should discuss your query/dilemma, offering suggestions (20 minutes)  

Each Dilemma Session will be facilitated by a ’senior person’ whose role is to manage time and chair the discussion

2. Abstracts for Dilemma Sessions

  • Your abstract should be 200-300 words long. 
  • In your abstract, please address three key questions:
  1. What is your research about?
  2. What is the query or dilemma you want to discuss?
  3. What do you want to achieve in your 30 minutes ‘on the floor’?

Abstract submission deadline – 1st July 2020

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Your abstract should cover the following questions - What is your research about? What is the query/dilemma you want to discuss? What do you want to achieve in your 30 minutes?
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