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In 2010, over a dinner in Glasgow, UK, colleagues from The Netherlands, Denmark, Finland and Canada discussed how best to develop an international collaboration between medical education research groups.  The idea of having an annual meeting running adjacent to the AMEE conference was proposed and the Rogano Meeting was born.

The main focus of Rogano is the development of PhD students and postdoctoral researchers within a climate of high-level, international, scholarly debate. 

The objectives of Rogano are

  • Expanding the international network of fellow researchers in medical education
  • Considering dilemmas regarding your own research
  • Entering into vibrant scientific discussion, to gain knowledge and ideas to inform your own research

This year’s meeting is in Helsinki, Finland, 31st of August and 1st of September 2017, in the Faculty of Medicine, Meilahti Campus at the University of Helsinki. 

For further information about the City of Helsinki, City of Helsinki reviewed by Lonely Planetand Finland, please have a look at the websites and some tips for visitors we have collected (PDF) for you to enjoy your stay.


Waiting for seeing you in Helsinki!

Eeva Pyörälä, Leila Niemi-Murola and Charlotte Silén


Objectives for participants


Expanding the international network of fellow researchers in medical education.


Considering dilemmas and questions relating to your own research.


Lead and participate in scientific discussions.


Gain knowledge and ideas to inform one’s research.


Learning about relevant theory and methodology.


Engage in vibrant scientific discussion with post-doctoral researchers and senior faculty.

Previous Meetings

2015 wordleTim Dornan and other colleagues from Maastricht formed the organising team for the first Rogano Meeting in 2011, Vienna, Austria.

In 2012, the organising team was led by the Charlotte Silen from the Karolinska Institute, and the Rogano Meeting was held in Lyon, France.

The Rogano Meeting 2013, in Prague, Czech Republic, was led by Lambert Schuwirth and colleagues from the Netherlands and Denmark.

In 2014, Debbie Jaarsma and Fedde Scheele from the Netherlands lead the team for a wonderfully warm Rogano Meeting in Milan.

In September 2015, Jennifer Cleland, Jane Stewart and Susan Jamieson from Scotland hosted the Rogano Meeting back where it originated, in Glasgow.  The feedback from the 2015 meeting is summarised in the Wordle opposite.

In September 2016, the Rogano Meeting was organised in the sunny Barcelona by Jordi Palés and Manuel Costa.

The Location

The venue for the meeting is the Faculty of Medicine, Meilahti Campus of the University of Helsinki, Biomedicum 1, Haartmaninkatu 8. You will get there from the city center by taking the tram number 4, buss number 14 or 18.

Rogano bookings are without an overnight stay.

View a map of the conference location

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